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So there is this girl whom I talked with via chat a lot of time.She didn't want to meet me in person for various reasons.But eventually we met strictly as friends which is fine by me.The problem is after that meet she answers only from her mobile and she is never online.If she do write since then it doesn't last longer than 30 minutes while it lasted before at least 3 hours every time...Is she just busy or she just doesn't want to talk with me anymore? If those occur why doesn't she just say so? Or I just overreact it?

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  • She does not want to be with you. She likes you as a friend, but you clearly want more. Move on. You will find someone who wants you as much as you want her. Just keep looking.

  • clearly she wants her distance. give her distance and don't contact her again. If she values you then she will be the one messaging you. if not... you know where you stand.

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