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I'm madly in love with my boyfriend, we're going to live together and he's my soulmate. It has been months now, almost a year and we've never stopped speaking to each other. But I'm bisexual and sometimes I miss sex with a girl. He's everything I want, but this, he could never give me what a girl could. I don't want to be in an other relationship, I don't want sex with an other guy because he's the only guy for me, but sometimes when I'm alone I can't help it but think about having sex with a girl and it's beginning to be hard to keep it to myself. Also don't tell me to offer him a treesome, I doesn't want it because he said it would feel like cheating and because he loves me so much he absolutly doesn't want an other girl. I honestly understand him, even for me it would be hard - I know I couldn't do it either. I just miss sometimes being with a girl.

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  • I am bi, so just tell him an c what he thinks.

  • Treesome? Try pinetrees

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