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It absolutely makes me angry when I see those posts about women who hate the way models look or how that's not "reality" for most women, because no women look like that. News flash they have worked hard for the way they look, they have put in the time and effort to look how they do and they are proud of it, so it is reality for some women and if you lived a healthy lifestyle it could be yours to. I'm sorry but it's unhealthy to be overweight and obese, once women start to realize this maybe they will stop bitching about models and how hard they have worked to achieve the body that they have.

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  • some of these models might be real but don't you know that the majority starves themselves?? Or that they use photoshop to make the models superskinny?

  • Call a thin girl: a twig/ anorexic/ starving herself and nobody bats an eye. Say to a fat girl that's she's unhealthy and needs to take care of herself. And everybody goes batshit insane.

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