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i'm always honest... i rareley bend the truth to get a confrontation out od the way.. i'm always told "oh you are soo nice and generous, you are soo sweet and perfect" and what do i get for that? i get accused of lying! i get accused of wanting to much! i never WANT anything, i just think alot, and tell other whats on my mind! i'm to open with my past.. i smoked weed and got drunk to forget the shit i have done to others and myself but when i get asked, i always tell the truth, sometimes with some blank spots in it, because i forgot some things.. my childhood was horrible... my teen years where.. complicated, i drank, i smoked weed.. yes i was an asshole to otjhers... i hurt others, some earned it, some not but enough of this.. i'm done with being nice and kind.. i'm tired of being accused to try to get woman in my bed with it, i'm still a virgin at the age of 24, and yes it was my choice, or of doing it to get sympathy from others.. some here know a bit of me, Loner here, but i have to say.. i'm done.. i really am done with all of this i can't stand it, when i get accused of all this.. and before i end up getting hurt, i rather stop with being "so nice and perfect" FUCK IT! i'm done

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  • Well, sadly in general this world is for douchebags who have money...because today we live in a world where only the outlook and richness matters.Everyone wants that and people so focused on these things they can't see anything else.That's why I think our society is f*cked up so much.Yeah it was common in the past too but It wasn't so often than in these thinks.I think it's worth to be kind and nice to people even if they hurt you bad and you get hurt for nothing, because maybe you will find that rare girl who will see you and no matter the cash or anything else... at least I hope you get that and also I am. :)

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