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So I met this cool girl on my flight to Chicago. While I found her pretty attractive, I started a conversation just out of the blue (I don't even remember how or what I did, I think it was the food we were about to get). After a few hours of talking to her (this is a 6-8 hour long flight), I find out that she is slightly older than me, so out of respect, I back off. She probably thought I was some idiot who wouldn't let her sleep (which, I kind of was). One thing I do regret is we did not get a chance to exchange our names, probably because we had been talking for so long that asking each others' names would be awkward. I wish I did know her name though. She's the only reason I had a good flight (even though the feeling might not be mutual), since the plane was really small and no entertainment system to keep me busy. Not knowing her name still bothers me though.

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  • It's Danielle.

  • Asking somebody their name ain't that hard, y'know?

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