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I wasted my summer working daily to buy things I never had as a kid (I just graduated high school and I didn't have a dad in my life) . I never enjoyed those things I bought or even the money I earned, I was a slave to work . I feel terrible wasting my money and losing my friends over a job. I finally quit but I still regret wasting my summer to delivering pizzas for a shitty establishment

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  • A job pays you for your time. If your friends can't accept that they are no friends to have because they will bleed you dry. I'm sorry your purchases did not make you happy but that is a much much better lesson to learn now before you get older: material objects do not make people happy. A small dry house and a reliable honda is better to own than a McMansion in a trendy neighborhood and a BMW and be living in debt upto your eyeballs. Live simply and spend the time you have with family, good friends, eat well and sleep easy.

  • *would

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