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Though I`m not afraid of heights, I usually avoid standing on the edge of something tall because I get this unexplainable urge to just...jump. A little voice in my head goes "whoaa..this is high...jump.jump.jump.jump" and I actively try to silence it. I would never act on behalf of my little voice, but I don`t understand why it`s there in the first place. I never had problems with depression, I wouldn`t commit suicide and, all in all, I really like life. I like tall buidlings, mountains, basically anything that lifts me up from the ground. I could spend nights watching the city from the top of a building. So what`s with this urge?

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  • i have this and it's really strong but it happens when i'm riding. i go out and i think ''ok,i'm not in a hurry,i just gona ride real cool so i don't get a ticket'' but when i'm in heavy traffic i have this voice in my head screaming as loud as it can for me to squeeze my bike between cars and pass trough everybody and curse and scream.. i got a lot of broken bones and i'm suffering from a REALLY ugly injury to my foot.. but the voice just screams for me to get healthy and ride again.. i'm kinda afraid the voice will take the best of me

  • it's called in french 'l'appel du vide' or in english 'the call of the void', google it :) it's a normal thing that happens to everyone :)

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