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I feel like my life is under control of something I don't know what it is, 'cause every time I try to behave like a good person, without noticing I start presuming and acting like a douche bag later I realize what I did and the cycle repeats itself all over again, losing friends and confidence. It usually lasts for a year.

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  • Well cant you just ... OH I DUNNO ... maybe ... stop?

  • I feel like I kinda have the same problem. I'm rather introvert but I sometimes try to be more outgoing. The problem is, when I try to be more talkative, I feel like people think I talk too much about myself and that I'm a douche. Next, I become introverted again. Every time this cycle repeats itself, I become more and more insecure about myself. I wish I could help you or give you some advice, but as you see, I can't even figure out what to do myself. I guess I just wanted to let you know you're not the only one with the problem you described.

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