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My family isn't that religious but they still have faith in God. I don't know what to say to them for feeling like I'm starting to lose hope of his power. Sometimes the only thing I can say in my mind is, I wish I still believed in God.

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  • There are hundreds of Gods to choose from, but none of them has the power to fill a cavity, much less bring happiness to the world. Most Gods only want to see blood spilled in their names. Women, unborn children, cattle in the fields. An endless parade of death and suffering to amuse the divine.

  • Don't know if you wanna hear this but... well, let me start. There are people who yelled at me saying that if God exists he is a F*cking sadist cause of all the sadness of this world. I do think the world is sad and sometimes i even ask myself if it is right to believe, but i always try to remember that i was taught to think that no matter how bad is here, hell is worse, and if someone really suffers in earth, he will have a compensation in his "afterlife". So, all i can say is : if you want to believe, pray, i don't care wich is your belief (as long as it doesn't' say u should harm someone), PRAY and try to always do good deeds.

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