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I wish I could vent every time my ex harasses me after us breaking up… holding everything during and after our relationship is making me want to kill myself. I have anxiety so bad now, I am always crying when I am alone, and I am too scared to move on because he threatens to hurt me and the guy… and is the type that will make due on his promise. I can't bring someone innocent into this. I'm risking my happiness to keep people safe.. To keep myself safe. I just wish he would die or go to jail and take these chains with him. I would kill myself if it weren't for my children. I think about… . This pain in my chest is growing stronger to want to do it. Like I have to to have some peace in my life

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  • Go to the police

  • There are services in place to help you get out of this relationship. He is dangerous and you owe yourself and your children to get away. That is not ok.

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