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My friend just lost his trust in me because I told the girl that he liked that he had feelings for him. He didn't say to keep it a secret so I told my friend because she was the one who asked me to ask him. Then my girl friend, told him all about our conversation and he officially doesn't trust me anymore. I dont know what to do because we go to the same school! I'm really starting to regret ever telling her what he said

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  • These situations teach you. It's part of growing up. Some thing re to be kept secret without having to mention it.

  • This happens when you`re 16 and meddle in other people`s business. Don`t worry, it will pass and, if you`re lucky, in 10 years you won`t find yourself in situations like this. A guy friend from work has a crush on a girl colleague from work. I know about it, but I haven`t said anything, because it`s not my BUSINESS to talk about this. It`s his crush, his business. Keep your nose out, and you`ll be great.

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