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I've fallen in love with someone.we've done d sex several times. We enjoyed very much. The problem is, the chances of us actually staying together are very slim and I'm scared to lose him. He cheat with. He loves me very much after that he took another girl on bihind me. I m a very religious person. Without marriage I use to do the sex with him. He knows it tht it is a great sin to go to the bed without marriage,after that he did sex several times with me. As well as he join another girl also. I made a great mistake to love him. I dobt want to lose him. Please everybody pray for me that almighty forgive me.

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  • Everyone needs something to believe in. If whichever god you follow is as forgiving as we are led to believe, then he'll understand the circumstances.

  • Religion is bullshit. Pull yourself together before your life is ruined by it.

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