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My friend, several years younger than me, it's being kicked out of her home unprepared for the world. Do I'm taking her in so she isn't homeless. I'm going to help her get a job, save for a vehicle, and heart help her start her life where her father didn't. But I'm already feeling claustrophobic, the feeling like I won't have my own life for a long time. I'm so glad I can help her, but I feel panicked that I won't and she'll just never leave me OR that I fail and she gets into a relationship with the first guy who will take care of her. I know I shouldn't worry about things that haven't happened yet.... but I'm just feeling so...without options.

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  • Well, If you're taking her under your roof, first thing you do, is set some rules. Inflexible rules, make sure she knows the imitations and all. Go through them together beforehand and encourage her to aske questions about the rules. FiRst Make it clear to yourself what you expect.

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