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I want to go on a diet, but my mom keeps saying "all you have to do is eating smaller portions" and she keeps making ice creams and other sweets. When I twisted my ankle some time ago, I stayed in the living room for 2 days straight (it's in the same room as the kitchen). I was watching the others eating and they were eating, like a lot. They stuff their mouths with food and talk while eating and make noises and other things like that. And I realised, I'm like them. I don't want to be like them!! I don't want to hang out with my friends because I'm afraid we'll go to eat outside and I don't want them to see me eating. Basically, I don't want them to see me at all. I feel awefull when we hang out, let when we go to the beach... I'm trying to exercise, but I can;t do some exercises because of my shitty ankle. It'b been over a month since I twisted it and I can't run as fast as before, I can't jump, I can't climb well! I do some exercises and the rest of the day it's like I'm lame! I can see how my brother and father look at me sometimes, like they hate me.

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  • Not trying to be harsh, but you're making an excuse, just because your ankle is twisted doesn't take you out of the game. There are lots of exercises you can do without your ankle and still lose weight. Work on your abs, arms, thighs, etc, floor exercises like crunches, push ups, fire hydrants, leg lifts etc, don't let one handicap keep you down and don't let it become you. There's no excuses, if you really wanted it, you'd overcome it and find a way around it. Don't be lazy and say I can't do this and that, and don't blame anyone else... is your mom holding a gun to your head and making you eat? No, what you eat is at your control. You can control what goes into your mouth, you just have to know when to stop and if cheating a diet for some sweets really worth it? Do you want to get fit and look good and be proud of yourself for pushing through and accomplishing want you want? Or do you want to be a statistic of your family? Choice is yours, blame everyone and make excuses, or stand up and just do it? Good luck. (sorry if it came of harsh, but I don't sugar coat things when I hear people talk about getting skinny, but make excuses for why they can't, its the same thing every fat person says. Hey I was there, I use to be fat, but I got off my ass and just did it. My mom always made cake and pies and such, but I knew it wasn't worth it. I have never been happier in my life, skinny/ healthy weight feels so much better.)

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