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I hate Christmas. It's because suddently everybody becomes good and loving and then this face warm atmosphere comes. Then everything goes back to "normal" and it's like you're sitting your bare butt on ice. So I just ignore it and wait for it to pass. People say "you have to understand the real meaning" but they don't! I, who are an atheist, can see it. The son of God supposedly came then, and he brought peace, love etc. If someone really believes,they have to go to church and love and be good with others every single day, not just one week! So many hypocrites. So I hate people and the Christmas.

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  • Christmas is commercialised rubbish, along with valentines day and easter. Shops want money, in come seasonal products and out go traditional values. Santa wore green robes before the Coca Cola company thought they could hijack the tradition. Add you've said, many people, myself included, participate in the presents and meals of Christmas without honouring the religious aspect which is older than any company around today. Valentines day is worst, surely if you loved your valentine you wouldn't need a specific day to show your affection, I'd get my partner surprise gifts throughout the year, chocolates, flowers, clothes, which she would hopefully appreciate more than being given gifts on a day where everyone else is giving and receiving them.

  • Plus they believe it was his birth, when really he was born in the summer, not winter. But people who believe a virgin gave birth are liable to believe anything. Atheist here too, I understand, just like when 9/11 happen, everyone came together but 3 months passes, and it goes back to "normal" this world is screwed, move to Canada and smoke a lot of pot! Lol

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