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I'm brazilian and in the middle of a english class, I've just finished my lessons before anyone and I think my teacher hates me for always responding her questions right.

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  • I'm a teacher, and I get annoyed by students who don't take their time to answer. And they jump before all their friends: I finished, i found the answer. Okay i get it you are smart, don't annoy and make your friends feel like they are stupid . I try not to show it annoys me, but doing that all the time just gets on my nerves

  • I had a teacher like that in high school. She was very young and very mean. She hated you if you made mistakes because she thought that will put her in a bad light, but she also hated you if you were doing great, because everyone knew it was not thanks to her. English is my second language but I was far better than my classmates. This teacher kept trying to make her classes a living-hell. I had to report her when she called me out in front of the class, made me translate a phrase to English and corrected me for being wrong. The translation was "I was taking a shower when you called" and she said the correct form is "I have been taking a shower when you called". I couldn`t believe she was an English teacher, and I couldn`t believe she wrongfully corrected my already-correct phrase..

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