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My girlfriends grandmother grabbed my di*k today. I have no idea how to respond.

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  • Eh, dude ?! No. Fucking stop that gross shit and be faithful to your GF. Or just end the relationship and do whatever you want. I can't imagine a more hurtful and embarassing thing than being cheated of with the own grandma. Shame on you!

  • It's oveus she wants to f.. K you or at least suck your d.. K if you want her then feel her brest in a light hearted way see how she responds or give her good hug hoping she touches you again if so say I want to F.. K you //use the F.. K word in her ear older women respond very well to dirty talk let her do all the arrangements as of where and when Enjoy it... REMEMBER older women like seduction and hours of F.. King... not Quick

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