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My boyfriend of 7 years is breaking up with me, He asks me if I am ok and he really does`nt want to hurt me, I tell him that I`m going to be just fine but the truth is that I am slowly dying on the inside. I have lost all of my motivation and now I dont know what to do.

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  • Time heals all wounds, I guarantee it. It will get better.

  • similar happened to me, relationship of 13years - ended quite quickly and made me question everything, i was quite self destructive for a while but then i realised that there is such a total freedom in this, i just started doing whatever i wanted, went fitness mad, pushed myself, played heaps of music etc. it was great - i have been having the best years of my life since, its tough but you need to make your heart cold to him whilst staying warm and open - once you have been hurt this bad everything else becomes easy -- i really hope you can find this part of yourself that know it(it is in there) and then you will go nuts(in a great way) - i told everyone i was gonna be like a cannon ball - blasting my way through life - its worked - also i found amanda palmer's music(particularly good day etc) to really help - it has a chaotic abandon

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