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I think im falling for a guy I met three days ago, hes perfect and he knows everything that is going on in my life and vice versa.. he makes me laugh and smile and whenever he messages me I feel tingles.. but with everything going on in my life I cant commit to anything, I dont want to hurt him but I really like him.

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  • Go for it, you don't want to end up later on in the future looking back and regretting that you never took a shot at it. & who knows maybe he can help you out with your situation. Because, i've been in a similar situation, and trust me, if you choose the things in your life that are holding you back from this opportunity of happiness, you're gonna regret not taking this chance, to go on this amazing adventure that we call Life with him. So go for it, just take that leap of faith and just let the good times roll.

  • Wait for some time. Love at first sight won't last forever. Either true love will take it's place or not. You just have to wait and see

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