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I'm a senior in high school and I'm friends with every single girl that has emotional problems because I like to take advantage of them but not in a sexual way. Whenever they are having an emotional breakdown they call me to see if i can come and talk to them and help and it usually ends up me holding them while they cry. I think girls are the cutest when they're just finishing crying and their eyes are all dark and puffy. Plus they like cuddling and resting on me. I enjoy the feeling of having them feel comforted in their time of need. I'd rather be close friends with a bunch of girls that rely on me than choosing one girl to care for in a serious relationship. Is this weird?

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  • i wish i had a friend like you

  • the only weird part of it is that u enjoy human interaction and feel the need to help people lol , which is the complete opposite of what most people like (including me) ,i guess u might be the nicest person ever ...don't sweat about it

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