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It's just so hard for me to handle what I feel for my ex when people are trying to bring us back. I just wanted to live a simple life. Yes, I still love him but everytime I see him in the campus, all of those happy memories, sad memories and the pain and depression that I felt when he broke up with me. When people talks to me about him, I couldn't stop myself from coming back to the pain that I felt when we broke up. And it hurts up until now. Although yes I moved on, I just can't take it when people talk about it. I just wish that they would stop finding a way of making us come back together because it's tearing me more than ever. I may not show it to them but deep inside of me I am crying out loud and wanting to die.

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  • Hey I know ima sound like a little bitch cause ima guy is the same way but she broke up with me I see but she change so much and idk if I should give trying so we can get back together or just stop and leave her alone

  • hey OP, I'm in a similar position. I have to my ex too in the campus everyday, and it hurts like hell. I cant just let go of him and I'm unable to forget him. I feel so terrible.

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