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I thought i have found the one who could finally help me with the sadness i feel inside. I thought i have found the answer to my prayers. But it only got worse when i realized i am already annoying him. When he made me feel like i'm a total mess. I'm sorry for being too clingy, and for constantly disturbing you. I want to end this. But whenever i see your name on my phone, i just can't. I want to tell you that i like you, but i know you wouldn't like me back.

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  • Sorry I am already bored at the first sentence

  • Truth is you don't have to be sorry for loving someone so much, for caring more than you would do with anyone else, or for wanting to be all the time with him. He should be proud of having you near, for knowing that there's someone un this world that loves him no matter what. I know how this feels and I really hope that you find the answer soon, and that the person you're talking about, finally be able of knowing the wonderful person you are.

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