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i've loved 3 women in my life. the first was a complete train wreck. she grow up in a family with 3 older junkie brothers and even raped by one. she's a manipulative lying bitch and played the victim all the time, a real head case. the second one was a most vicious bitch i've ever met. all the time dressed in black, provocative and teaser to the max. real nasty this one. the third was a totally arrogant bitch, possessive to the last and she's NEVER wrong. almost impossible to handle. why do i liked only crazy women?

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  • because maybe your a cunt

  • It's been a few years since I got my doctorate in psychology but I'm gonna take a swing and say you have really low standards. Which is fine if you're trying to get your dick wet on Craigslist but it isn't a recipe for a happy relationship

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