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I am planing to move to sweden but I have to finish something here. Tomorrow is the big day, I have to fix my grade from one subject in school, a school that is really retarded and lets trough anyone still I think I will fail, I am prepared enough but if the teacher wakes up with bad feet I will fail, with me there are other 2 students, a gypsy and a dealer who is high always, they didnt learn shit at all. if I fail tomorrow I wont be able to leave the country for one year, my mother is moving to a another place and I will have to follow her if I fail, I have to do this test I have to get trough so I can start my life with my girlfriend in sweden, I have everything planned from work to living just this last piece is missing, I feel stressed and I am in fear, I will post tomorrow how it went.

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  • I did it, nailed that shit and thanks :3

  • good luck! hope you can make it :)

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