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I have a problem with my best friend. She thinks everyone likes her. She always put all the blamed on me. She is very beautiful that everyone will be on her side. I have no friends since them. I feel abandone and unwanted. I wish they knew the truth but nobody will trust me tho. So i decided to stay far away from them. Suddenly some of them try to talk with me and i was like wtf do you want. Arent you not enough hurting me mentally? They were surprised by my words bcoz they never heard me cursing. I dont think of talking to them but they always tryna be with me. Im not comfortable at all. My schools life sucks. At home i cried everyday. They even talked bad about me in some of social networks. I think ive been bullied. But i cant do anything.

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  • Youll find a friend wholl care...it happened for me

  • Im sorry

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