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I get so annoyed by one of my housemates. He can't be bothered to put his dishes in the dishwasher, or turn off his light, he plays v loud video games and music in the living room even though he has his own space and he must have earphones, he eats other people's stuff without asking, leaves cups with milk in to go literally mouldy, and after he's showered the bathroom is soaked - I had to wring out the bathroom mat and the floor was just a big puddle. Ugh!

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  • Kick him out

  • talk to your other housemates. if they're annoyed by this as well, make some sort of intervention. if nothing changes, kick him out. problem is, maybe your housemates are annoying like him and don't actually mind, then i would look for a new place for your peace of mind. I've been trough this shit and i will never put myself trough this again.

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