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I would like to make a web comic or even a real one. I'm good with drawings and i have ideas for stories, i just dont know where to start.

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  • Im working on a fourth Installment in my graphic novel and it was a long process and can seem intimidating. I started making small Zines so i can get use to the process on a small scale. Plus its a great way to do test runs on stories and how they are taken.

  • start with a simple idea for a good story, something catchy with hidden twists, make the drawings of all the little pages on pc in photoshop or if you have a tablet etc, contact a web designer to make you a site or even you can in some single steps, if u do make it alone you could produce your first comics after first month, you can sell comics trough paypal or make a free comics after which ppl will love it, msg me if you need more help I can throw here sites too

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