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I'm 22 I'm a larger person n since high school I been bullied from my weight to hair to clothes even my handwriting, I tired to kill myself many many times and I'm still on anti depressants. Then life got better but in last few months. Life changed, lost friends drama started n cyber bullying started and it hurts a million times worse then ever before, the things people say hurt so much from I'm a fat rat or obese slob to slut to I should die or have my head kicked in. I'm Can't handle it anymore I'm close to ending my life. Only reason I haven't is my grandma I'm helping her fight cancer and my fiancé who loves me But everyday gets harder and harder to smile n be ok

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  • Block them...get rid of social media or fight back. Please dont kill yourself over assholes in school. They are not worth 15 cents.

  • Move to Canada

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