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Ladies if you go out wearing a dress that shows off your boobs, is an inch from your underwear and is otherwise "skimpy" do not whine when you get attention. You are either too stupid to realize you'd get noticed by men or you dressed purposely like that to get attention. So unless you're IQ is in the single digits you have no right to complain when you're being flirted with and eyed up wearing something like that.

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  • Fuck OP and his condescending fucked up attitude. Most women appreciate compliments. Maybe you just suck at giving them? A quick guide: "that is a nice blouse" usually results in "oh! thanks" whereas "nice tits, wanna fuck" will result in her getting the fuck away from you and you whining about how she has no right to complain.

  • Women like attention. You're probably a weird creeper and that's why you get complaints from the women you flirt with or check out.... stop being creepy!

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