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A little while ago I wrote here that I had developed a sort of romantic relationship with my Spanish teacher via Ask/Twitter without him knowing it was me and about 5 days ago it moved to Kik messenger. Yesterday I told him that it was me and even though at the beginning he didn't believed me at the end he did and now he can't even look at me in the eye anymore, not even in class. I seriously think I screwed up big time and wish I could go back.

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  • Google scenarios of student teacher relationships, and sadly lots of innocent teachers are out of job, or faced a shameful scandal because of teens not getting what they want, then creates an issue. This is a big deal in the US.

  • As a teacher i just say: good job scaring him the hell out for his carreer and reputation, great job making him uncomfortable for the rest of the year, awesome job that he probably now can't sleep worrying if those conversations leaked to the public and worrying that all the class knows about it. As if our job is not hard enough, we have also to deal with damn horny teens

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