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I'm a straight guy and never liked any guys before... I've dated lots of girls and fallen in love with lots of girls as well. But I've never felt something as strong as what i feel for my best guy friend, its been like this for a year (since i met him) =( He's totally straight so there's no use in confessing anything, but it hurts so much... I also don't think that i would like gay sex, it must hurt .-. Anyway, the only thing i can do is picturing if i were a girl how our relationship wouldve been like. I've suffering for so much time. What do you guys think?

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  • Do you fantasize about him?

  • its possible to feel such absolute love for another without a sexual element, if this is how you feel then dont worry, i believe it's quite normal - i have a few close friends that i love beyond what some may consider normal bounds of friendship but i have no sexual desire for them. just stay a true friend and you will have this person in your life forever

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