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When I was 20 a close friend got me alone and intimidated me into stripping, and forced me to pose for dozens and dozens of degrading photos. Not cell phone pics, Polaroids. He made me say degrading things about myself as well. While I was posing he jerked off into the cup of my bra and told me I could either put it back on or leave it behind. I left it, when he let me get dressed I left so fast. I recently heard he died, I was happy. But I wonder if anyone will find those pictures

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  • No he didn't hold a gun to my head, he was much bigger than me and threw me down. Then he hit me repeatedly in the face and sides until I promised I'd do everything he said. This was nothing like something I don't want to be responsible for

  • I obviously meant he was a close friend AT THE TIME. Idiot.

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