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I quit my job as a dishwasher and don't feel bad for laughing until it hurts at my boss when he scrambled to change everything around just to keep me there. He knew I was their best closer, and he nearly shit a brick when he saw my two weeks notice. I don't mind the work (it is a lot more than you'd think), just don't bitch at me for doing it right, not fast and sloppy like the co-workers who always left me 2-3 full trays of silverware to do the next day. You should try to get them to be like me. I never left until all my shit was done no matter how long it took. Enjoy my last day, because it's gonna be a while until it'll be cleaned properly. Just hope to god the health inspector doesn't decide to make a surprise visit.

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  • I assure you the restaurant doesn't give a shit about a dishwasher. They'll have a new one within the hour

  • I think the health inspector should definitely make a surprise visit. Maybe serve him a tip?

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