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I have lived in the household of homophobic controlling fundamentalists for too long. I have never been allowed to be near anyone who was not a fundamentalist. For years I had to be a "good christian" and I am sick of it. I purchased a worthless rotting sail boat with most of my money, re-hulled it, and now I am fixing up the rest. I am more then capable of sailing it. I am sailing it to a foreign country of which I fluently speak the language. I can fish, cook, distill water, and sleep in the boat which is more then capable of getting across the ocean. I may have barely scraped by on money from academic achievements but I have succeeded thus far. I need to finish it soon. They have a pretty good idea of my sexuality but are not sure yet. If I do not finish it in time I will either be another homeless teen on the streets or be sent to a "cure camp."

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  • Good luck on your boating trip. Sorry you don't get the home support most people take from granted

  • Sounds like a good plan to me. Those religion nuts are scary and a real downer to be around.

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