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I met this guy who lives next to my house. He is very cute. I said hi to him a many times but never really talked. But yesterday I was standing at my balcony and then he cam into his balcony and started talking with me wht I do and everything. It was nice. Then today morning he asked me for a movie. And then my contact number. He is very New to this city. I don't exactly know him. Isn't he being too fast or am I over thinking? ! Maybe he's just friendly. Idk. Argh.

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  • Is the movie at his place or the cinema? Cinema is slow, his place is fast..

  • Moving too fast is different for each person. If it is a date, and I can't tell from the context whether or not it is, than he's doing things right as to avoid being set into the friend zone. As cliche as that is.

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