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I was planing on staying a virgin till marriage, but my boyfriend (we have a mutual agreement that we wont marry each other) want to have sex, and I want to as well...but I feel like I am only agreeing to it because I was physically and psychologically abused by my super religious father (just touching when I was sleeping)...I want to take control of my body and life and somehow having sex with my boyfriend seem to be the way I am going to go...do you guys things something is wrong with me..I feel like I am so messed up

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  • Don't think whatever happened with you in past... Think about future... N do what your heart says..

  • That virgin until marriage crap is just that religious mumbo jumbo brainwashing. No one worth being with wants to marry a virgin. Either you want to "take control of your body and life" or you don't. If you do, you don't ask anyone else what they think. You ask yourself then do whatever you want to do.

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