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I am so hurt and unbareably strangeled for a point where my brain is going to not explode like it's expectes at such deep pain, but actually blocks out and stop functioning like a grown up's brain should, I sometimes almost black out, I find myself zoned out and staring into the blue without realising for how long I have been out, I act like kids and fouces on stupid pointless stuff, like how much sugar would should I put in my moms cup if tea or how come my brother has such big toes, and it might sound funny but its fucking not, my father is in jail, my brothers is receiving death threats, my mom crying all the time, sister losing her baby and about to lose her husband , people knoking our door demanding their money back, me watching my dream drift away from me, no pharmacy no college no future hoplelessly looking for a job! Finding myself upset about a cold coffee is not normal!!!!

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  • You need to find relaxation. Tell yourself it will all get better, and everything is happy even if it's not so you can think straight and not be stressed.

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