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I got into a relationship a little over a month ago. Being my first one, i didn't completely think it through. I now regret it completely and realize that i am only physically attracted to my boyfriend, and actually don't like him at all as a person. While he's probably the "perfect" boyfriend to anyone else, and constantly compliments me and says and does the sweetest things, I'm emotionally detached and just want to be left alone. He is completely attached and in love with me and i feel like I'm leading him on but i don't have the courage to end it. I'm completely head over heels for my best guy friend, who is also my best friend's boyfriend, and my boyfriends best friend. He and I have discussed in not so many words getting together when both our relationships are over. All i want is to break up with my boyfriend but i feel like i will miss the amazing physical side of our relationship. I know this is horrible but i can't stop feeling this way.

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  • Maybe your boyfriend is still trying to seduce you because he knows that you do not love him.

  • I was in the same position as your boyfriend and suspected it until it was confirmed when she broke up with me and I saw them together. Unless he's a complete moron he probably knows on some level. If you break up with him, wether you see his best friend or not you can count on your friendship with him being over.

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