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I cannot stand when a person is suffering from a serious mental issue (depression as an example) and religious people say "Open your heart to Jesus he will heal you". Like no! They need actual help; real medical help. Going to church is not going to save them from killing themselves. Religious people need to stop thinking the bible, God, etc. that the church will heal them when in reality it's medicine...it's science that actually helps.

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  • Have you ever sought a relationship with God? I don't mean offering up a half arsed 'prove yourself' prayer, but actually a relationship? Really seeking? Until then how do you know?

  • The gods are for cripples, bastards and broken people who need to believe someone(s) are there guiding the winds of fate. As long as you're a believer you never really need to take responsibility for your own life/actions, because the Gods work in mysterious ways

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