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For the past 4 months i have had a crush on a girl who was an intern at the job i work at, problem is, she doesnt seem interrested in me. Over the past 4 months she has had a few flings with other guys but they never lasted more then a day. Over time some of my colleges started to talk about it... we all agreed to let it rest, but yesterday one of them "kissed" her and another told her she shouldnt be lying about it. I cant help but feel sorry for her, after all the great times there where, she leaves feeling like shit, and i am left with mixed emotions for my colleges and her... i recent my colleges for doing what they did and i still feel strong towards her regardless of what happened

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  • You are too big a pussy to talk to the young lady yourself AND get mad when other people do talk to her?? WTF?! Bro-code does not cover crushes that never learned your name (cause you won't talk to her)

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