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I think that a lot of girls are beautiful. Not that I lust for them sexually, I just think they're beautiful. Considering, yeah there are a lot of girls that aren't beautiful, but in this I learned how to tell if a guy is something a girl would think as the equivalent. It makes me feel like a grandparent. I haven't even had a girlfriend or anything, here I am just saying girls are beautiful, and/or have a great personality trying to find the one with the best that I actually like. ... Kinda weird when 10+ girls have crushes on you, and you don't want any of them because they live too far. (Or in jersey) maybe I should open a free dating help service to help guys get girlfriends and relationships that will last in real love, because if a girl doesn't believe she's beautiful, or if you like their personality and that makes them beautiful, I'll find what looks beautiful on you in rich detail not including the chest, or right below the waist.

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  • Yes women are beautiful, especially when they believe it. You're wise beyond your years, and there aren't enough people like you, but don't let distance stop you being happy, if you like one of the women who likes you, you can make it work.

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