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i've always been scared of women. i figured this when was 8. i had this teacher that used to tease me a bit like any grown ups do to kids (no pedo stuff). she made me very uncomfortable. later when i was 13 this girl in my class was interested but the fear came back again. twenty years later i'm still a virgin who never had a relationship despite having several opportunities for gfs. it's always the fear

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  • I'm sorry if I offended you by bringing that up. At 28 years old, I don't know what to tell you for trying to get a girlfriend, but if you can shoot up the social status via internet, I know there are girls that will come to you. There are a lot that will care for you and try to make you feel comfortable if you tell them your fear. I can't tell you how to identify them, but there are a lot of girls that would gratefully be with you if your "sweet" and nice to them. Chew with your mouth closed, hold the door, please thank you, look into the eyes, swallow your fear and tell yourself that a 17 year old boy is counting on you to get close enough to that girl that you marry her, because he's taking on the challenge of being your father figure.

  • You need a man in your life. (Not meaning to be offensive.) If you have a grandfather, or other equivalent in your life, ask him to help you. They always know girls.

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