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I care about my cousin, I don't love her, I don't like her. I just care about her. But she keeps giving me a hard time. We're both at and since foreve she has been giving me junk food to make me more fat so I would be fatter than her. And she keeps whining about others making noises while they're eating, but she's doing herself. And when I told her to stop it (it really grinds my gears when people make noises when they eat) she closed the tv and waited for me to make a noise and when I did (I do noises very rarely) she told me "you are making noises too" and since then she's making more noises and I want to stab her with her fork!! The thing is, if she wasn't my cousing I wouldn't even talk to her, I wouldn't care to learn her name.

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  • My sister and I do this all the time, because we're so similar.

  • You do realize how childish your bickering is, right?

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