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I know what the ISIS is doing is really really bad, but don't forget that it's religion that thrives them. All these men and women are brainwashed by religion, and that's how they think about the world. Just like we think it's terrible to kill a men for being gay, they think it's terrible that gay people are accepted. It's all about the perspective. I'm not defending them and their actions at all

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  • Who cares? If you haven't learned yet that the entire continent of Africa and most of South Asia (the "Middle East" if you're an ignorant American) is a disgusting and dangerous shithole that you should not be in for any reason I refuse to feel bad when you die a horrible death via crazy people or disease. Fucking move already!

  • Technically, you are defending them, but semantics... And I wouldn't blame the religion, per se, I would blame the people that twist and pervert the religion to the point that causes others to go and commit atrocities.

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