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I don't have any friends. Not even one. I used to, but at one point they just kinda disappeared. Guess they weren't real friends after all. The crazy part is, I look really good and have a place on my own where I could host parties or whatever, only if I had friends. I just don't get it... why have they all abandoned me? I'm a little moody, yes, but that doesn't explain it. Oh and I do go out sometimes, I do meet new people and for a while I even consider them as friends, but then this disappearing thing happens.. Weird. No one wants to be around me. It's like I have a disease that could kill everyone or I don't even know..

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  • It kinda happen to me too ... But learn to love yourself, I mean, watch movies or TV shows, read books and do things by your own ... Don't count on FRIENDS, everyone is just a mate. That BFF thing doesn't really exist in the ral world, it is a lie, although there are some exceptions !

  • You must be doing or saying something you're not even aware of, if people don't like or agree with how you are most won't talk to you about it, most are cowards and choose to just cut you our of their life. :-/ If I knew you I could probably tell you if that's it or not and if it is I'd tell you what it is. Understand it's not really YOU, it's them because they don't like something and they are cowards that cant face you.

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