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I am glad Joan Rivers died. She was a nasty rude woman who embraced rape culture in the final months of her life. She apologized over the years to other people she offended, but refused to apologize to the Cleveland kidnapping victims. To add insult to injury, she said she wasn't going to apologize because one of the victims had recently come out with a book and was on CNN raising awareness to other victims. She even said she expected one of the women to be on Dancing with the Stars one day or to have a reality t.v show! She said that because they weren't living in psych wards, they were "ok". That's like saying "These women are glad they were raped and tortured for years, because now they can make money off it"

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  • To be fair, she's probably glad she's dead to. That way, she doesn't have to listen to you whine and complain about how you don't agree with her.

  • Her sense of humor was not for me. You obviously have no sense of humor at all. Joan Rivers always was a far better person than you raver will be. You are a cold motherfucker.

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