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Black should be the colour of good and white the colour of bad. They're misunderstood, very misunderstood. Black is warm, cozy. It absorbs all the light. White is soulless, cold, strict. It reflects all the light. If we take it symbolic, we have as bad that which absorbs the light and as good the one that reflects it. When I try to justify this to people when they ask me why I like dark colours, they can't see my point

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  • Would you rather absorb or reflect is the question. Since the absence of light is dark, it stands to reason that light is more powerful. You cannot pull enough black darkness into a lit white room to erase the light.. but you can pull even the faintest of white light into darkness and remove the black.

  • white is the day, the knowledge, purity, absence of trouble, it's bright. black is the night, people fear the darkness, it's all the colour mixed up, it's the colour of dirt :p It's all a matter of perspective :)

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