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My boss and my best friend wear the same name and when I just got hired I added the number off my boss in my telephone but I was busy with listening to him so I accidentally overwrote the number of my bestfriend. That evening I got to a party of another friend and waited for my bestfriend to come too but it took a long time so I wanted to send him a message and I acted like I was his overly attached girlfriend. I got a message back with only a "?" so I called and I said that he had to stop to touch his dick and had to come to the party right now. He hung up without saying a word and right after that call my best friend walked in. At first I was joking about that he took the "right now" really serious and he looked at me and said that he didn't know what I was talking about. I showed him that I called him and found out that I actually called my boss. I'm so glad that I use another number at work so he didn't found out that I was calling him.

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  • Great bullet dodge. Is your name Neo? :D

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