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If I ever get put into position of great world authority, I will help everyone I can, take no vacation except Christmas, birthday, and sleep. And I will check confessor, and other similar places to make sure people are getting happier. If they are not getting happier, I may resign for not being able to do the best that I can, and leave the space for someone who is able to do what I could not.

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  • Unfortunately confesster is not a stable form of checking if the world is getting happier, as to be fair 85% of these problems are "1st world problems" such as relationship troubles or being depressed about not belonging (just in general not the bulling kind) . There are much worse things happening on the streets, rather than those who are lucky enough to have the internet to speak up. I'm sure you mean well and I hope you do fulfil your long term dream of bringing happiness, but make sure to find real problems.

  • Study hard. You will not be in a position of great world authority.

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