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I hate living with my parents, every small thing ends up turning into a big discussion or loud argument. Why can my dad never react to things peacefully. I cant wait to live separate from them again. When they get old and live with me, it will be my rules and shouting wont be allowed unless someone is dying. Its impossible for me to study with a cool mind.

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  • Move to the United States. When you turn 21 you move out of your parents house and get your own place. When your parents get old they go into a nursing home or die in the street

  • Don`t know how you see this situation on long term.. but I have a mother that used to beat the crap out of me through school because she wanted me to be the "first" at anything and a divorced-and-remarried father that cares only about his new wife and her children-from-a-previous-marriage. There`s absolutely no way for any of them to live with me when they`re old. Best case scenario, I`m going to pay for some facility.. Why should I support them when they always treated me (and my father still does) like I`m a burden? Judging by his clothes and the cars he drives, my father has a lot of money yet every time I asked for something, he said he didn`t have money. And I heard my 17 yo half-sister telling my dad`s wife she saw some jacket from Burberry that`s "only 900$". So he has money for himself, for his wife and for her children but he doesn`t have money for me. So I think I won`t have money to support him when he`s old. He should go to his wife`s children for support. I might support my mother, though... She might have been an abusive bitch, but it made me smarter and stronger. But my dad... ha!

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